American Bridle Leather .....Black, Nickel

American Bridle Leather .....Black, Nickel


Wether you are in the hunt field or on a city stroll, this is great belt…the hoof pick useful sometimes, cool always. The thick American bridle leather is a deep black and sets off the traditional bright Nickel plate hoof pick buckle. The loops are easy to use, and the whole piece is set off with neat creased edges.

Measures: 1-1/4”, chrome hoof pick

To Find Your Size:

Measure a belt you wear from end of buckle (where the tongue hits the end of the buckle)<===============>to hole most often used.

Select the size you measured from the list below. This is your center hole measurement, and your belt will have two holes either side for adjustment.

Here is a video demonstrating how to measure for a belt.

All work is handmade and slight variations may occur.

For more information or to place a custom order, call us at 434-823-9800.

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